Look 499

Hi girls, today I bring to you a discovery for you that likes a model bodice I brought something perfect! It is this body of Ocacin, released recently, it is very simple but it is a love, comes with hud alpha only does not come with skin and applicators, it is very simple besides the super cheap price, you can by the body texture you wish Or even create one that cool do not you think? Soon, I will bring more news to you about it, while anyone who has interest or curiosity gives a pass in the store and check it out.
(It is also worth remembering that the Maitreya and Slink bento hand animations work on this body as well.)

Hair: MURRAY- Catherine
Body + Hands + Feet: OCACIN Standard Mesh Bento Body
Dress: Meli Imako - Shift Dress
Choker: IAF Tattoo Choker

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