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Hi, my love is with great sadness that I come to bring you this news again, well I said in my post below that I was having problems with my computer and unfortunately I still have not been able to solve it because now there is no more repair I will need to buy a new one So that the problem does not happen again I need to buy a computer much better and at the moment I'm evaluating, researching and doing everything I can to achieve this, well I will not go into too much detail, I came to ask for a thousand more excuses not only to you readers but also my sponsors for not being able to continue my work, well I will not say much to not be boring, this is not a goodbye but a goodbye, soon I will be back with more strength, more will , More inspiration and much more news for you, I will die of longing, I hope we see a million kisses soon and do not forget to always be beautiful and fashionable.

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