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Hi loves, how are you? Good december is already arriving and several good things together with him and one of them that we can not leave aside is the right Christmas? This wonderful celebration, full of lights, ornaments, fun, encounters ours are so many things right and was thinking about that i put up this look for you something quite fun, you who love to dress up at Christmas to surprise someone or even to play and to shop of Meli Imako that i already talked about in other posts for you made this super cute sweater with right up a hair to accompany that wonder no? Well, i was delighted and of course always compatible with mesh bodies, ah can not forget to remember that it is a full perms piece so you shopkeeper who is also looking for a cool, fun and different clothes there is also a great option For you, giving continuity ... in my daily searches i ended up finding a super interesting store, you who enjoy decoration, different furniture and quite exotic are sure to love this store and it was there that i found these wonderful Christmas decorations, besides there are Many others the name of the store is Medieval Fantasy then confiram in the market, people have every thing fluffy, funny and quite exotic even i believe that you guys will enjoy it a lot and other news better still, they are catching new bloggers huh, then you there blogger you are looking for a decoration patronage run there and send your information and good luck!

Body: Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
Head: LOGO Infinity Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Hair + Outfit: MI Christmas Whiplash Costume - Gold
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Flat
Boots: MI Shiny Leather Black Knee Boots

Poses: BellePoses - Comics @Gacha


Trees: [MF] Mesh snowy big pine tree
Well: [MF] Mesh well with snow
Mushrooms: [MF] Mesh snowy mushroom
Leprechauns: [MF] Mesh santa claus helper elve leg on snow pile

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