Look 487

Hi my girls how are you? wanted to apologize for the delay with threads is that i'm doing a lot of the same time and will liberandoa gradually, as i'm still having problems with my PC, but finally today i brought something very different. Likes fantasies? or even a different look, something more daring, sexy because then this look has a bit of that to rei2 is a store specializing in clothes with a space and clear style and sexy every creation is something very exotic, beautiful and very sexy many you will love it, this is the new release that is available in COLLABOR88 runs there to check that has several wonderful and clear colors compatible with mesh body
Continuing, the accessories used are simple but they give a very big difference in the look, these piercings are nose to the novelty of Since1975 in gachas of The Guardian Gacha that are available in store even for you to play quite so good luck
I can not stop talking about this wonderful shoe N-core, look girls i'll confess something to you, I was always in love with this store from the time she had no shoes on mesh, in addition to being the sensation of the moment were always pretty well textured and each always with very different models and this time was no different, this is a new store launches a shoe-shaped bale for many is something a little strange but for others not so much, believe he is super cute and stylish with several pieces of clothing and brought to end a wonderful big present for all of us is this wonderful hair of little bones that is gift in the store and the best thing is you do not need group is not a wonder? it is also all it comes a hud with various colors to have no problems at the time of use, so take advantage and run immediately to ensure the news
Remembering that i am using a super beautiful skin, but i'll do a post explaining everything perfectly for you on it, wait, kisses and good shopping

Head: LOGO Infinity Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Skin: Insol: LOGO Alex applier 'Rosie'
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hair: little bones. Yuno @GIFT
Ears: (UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears
Clothing: r2 A/D/E seika @COLLABOR88
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant
Nose Piercing: [Since1975]-Septum'Gacha/Gold-RARE @The Gacha Guardian
Septum Piercing: [Since1975]-Septum'Gacha/Gold Flat @The Gacha Guardian
Shoes: N-core BALLET

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