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Hello sweets brought something very sweet and sexy for you i hope you like it too lol
For starters look only thing this cute Genesis mesh head lately i've been in love with the store, she is super creative and so original that made me love the store and I'm sure you too, good head that is free in the store's been a times i decided to bring her because i love presents and of course i must share with you this very beautiful is not it? it is, if you run will still be able to find it in the store and remembering that when buying your head in the folder is not available to apply to mesh body, but do not worry that the owner was super generous and provided the group's news, then do not hesitate and go there get his.
Like accessories? so i have a super cute for you, Pr!tty is giving gift at Hair Fair this super beautiful headband, she comes various colors so you can mount the most cute and sexy looks of course lol go there check
Finally i could not help but speak in this store that i love which is MUSCHI if you like me who loves sexy products, accessories etc and there is the right place the owner as well as very creative is super generous and always offering gifts to us thatWe do not even like is not lol and this time she created this gum and necklace are a charm, for those who like to take pictures, or even looks what you want they will always combine then runs dem a look at the store and not find run pro Markteplace you find everything there.
And finally look at this wonderful lingerie that every day that passes i am more in love with Six Essence because she knows dispertar the sexy, sensual and beautiful side that a woman has, look what a wonderful piece full of sensuality i am speechless know only say that i'm in love and do not take more girls lol them this available in The Showroom of the event and besides white you will find other colors it is compatible with mesh bodies and our beautiful Lolas then enjoy a lot and make good shopping.

Head: Genesis_Head_Penny_1.0 //FREE
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hair: CATWA HAIR Savannah
Headband: pr!tty - Pearly Meowy - 2015 Hair Fair //GIFT
Lingerie: Six Essence - Promiscuous //THE SHOWROOM
Necklace: Desir Collar [BASIC White] MUSCHI
Gum: GUM for pics // MUSCHI
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango Mirage :::
Hands & Feet: Maitreya 

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