Hello Lovers!!
Brought a wonderful new, just fresh out of the oven lol, I know we're used to and passionate with Slink shoes because it is hard not to fall in love right? are wonderful even, but I still think the normal wonderful shoes I have a certain passion and always will be, and then on my morning walks I ended up finding this wonderful store called Glamistry people you love the guy fied shoes are beautiful. 
Ta thinking it over? no no lol good, the store has a different type of system a system of credit card that is kind people in rl, agents feel in rl is really cool .. Well I hope you like it, go and check I brought one of the wonderful shoes that are available in the store I hope you enjoy. 
And remember girls, if you need the card for more information or look for me in sl, Luizabecker resident, let IM note card will answer with pleasure.

Glamistry in world
Kisses!! <3

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