I'm Back To My House ♥

Hello guys, I'm Luiza Oskar .. I own the blog "The Bitch Style" and now will be making guest appearances in Glamoroustyle here, which makes me very happy because it belongs to a much loved friend. Also makes me happy that I have started working with fashion here in this blog in over a year.

Anyway just wanted to say that I am very happy for Luiza Becker inviting me to go back to "my house", and I hope you enjoy my job because everything I do is for you with love!

Take a stop by my blog too, has several posts to all the girls who like me and Luiza Becker are fashion lovers.

Hair:Little Bones - Grotesque
Top:Beldezery - Top Blue
Short:Kitja Cherie - Denim High Waist
Shoes: [L.Warwick] - Luscious for SLink feet


Lasciva >>> Watch - Datejust + SkyDweller (Bracelets)

[7891.] >>> Earring - Chain Reaction
      Bracelet - Glade
             Necklace - Vendetta

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