TuTy's - FASHIONISTA Sexy female AO

Hello Readers, I bring to you good news to you. For you who like AOS like me to have a super beautiful and charming in Tutys good mistress there tastes perfect to OSA and other products of course lol good until today always liked it because TO has a different touch one thing cool, as I'm not very good at videos still will not post here anymore this is to inform you more.

Tutys is proud to introduce a new female animation overrider: TuTy's - FASHIONISTA Sexy female AO.  
Completely Mocap, elegantly urban chic and absolutely super feminine!  Wear it with the best beauty products and clothings that SL can offer.
If you have a runway(high fashion) attitude and you are the trendsetter in the fashion world, voilà! The Fashionista Animation Overrider is for you.

The AO contains 49 animations (2 huds: priority 3 and 4): 
- 6 different walks 
- 16 mocap stands 
- 5 animated sits 
- 4 animated ground sits 
-full fly and swim set, crouch and crouch walk, stand up and typing motion...

You are always welcomed to try the AO at our inworld store. Click the link below.

Please, read carefully FAQ when having a problem with the hud. It may be a lot more helpful than you expect.

Tutys in WORLD

Well I hope you get curious as I was, and then go and check it because it is well worth it.
Kisses ;*

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