Women's Day \o/

Hello !!
This time, I bring some news that will make us as always stay pretty much already that today is our day right? Women's Day *-* 'then congratulations to us \o/
More so, I came to bring the launches of pink acid that is this beautiful sneakers with spikes hard not to fall for him right? lol and it is already available in the event of Fi*Friday.
And also, this beautiful top of TartCake full of charm and beautiful and also to match this wonderful look of this bermudinha Twins Fashion stylish as well.  
Come on girls today is our day we have to be even more beautiful with this product and can not help but get right? Kissesss :*

Hair: ::Exile:: Fade Into You:
Top: -TartCake- Ladies Ramones Grunge Ripped Top - NEW
Pants: *TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Capri
Sneakers: Pink Acid Sneaker Wedge - Fi*Friday

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