#079 - MUSCHI / MAGIKA / MON TISSU / [7891.] / -SKIFIJA-

Hi, girls came to post this look and tell you the wonder of these pants, they look at you not like for that super ass in its optimal shape here is a solution that is a wonderful MUSCHI made ​​this beautiful store with pants we say a filler in the butt that is a marvel to you both so much for you skinny fat, and we will combine the pants also has a wonderful style right? So enjoy girls ae not forget this is not just pants that have this volume also has some other pants so if you do not enjoy the volume in the butt for not buying beware and repent if you're after more of those like me who loves? ta waiting oquer? runs there and take a peek.
                      Kisses muah muah <33 '

Pants: MUSCHI - Basic Denim Light Blue
Hair: Magika [03] Faint
Sweater: {mon tissu} Slouchy Sweatshirt
Necklace: [7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - Wick Necklace
Shoes: -SKIFIJA- Extreme Platform NEWW
Watch: [7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - Marc Watch
Ring 1: [7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - Wick Ring
Ring 2: [7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - The Life Ring

And ja I forgot the-SKIFIJA-launched this beautiful shoes very cute all full of charm, I loved it and it comes shoes more foot and has that little problem in that all the care which is the skin will be like, and the owner the store thinking it was there and created this little tutorial for you to see how it does leave the skin shoes compatible with your body hopefully enjoy!! :)

                     Any questions, entering the site: http://secondskifija.com/

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